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Natural soy wax blended with coconut wax mixed in with a range of hand selected fragrances that ellude to a tranquill atmosphere when lit. They have then been poured into cloche jars with glass domes so that they are a beautiful ornament even when not in use. 


Spiritually hand crafted with higher vibration and purpose in mind, body and spirit. Let this source of ancient light guide you into your own powers of intuition. Allow the flame to help set your intentions for the day. Let the scent rise delicately over your own "white light" supporting your veil of protection.



Wick & Wax Candles

  • Available in a range of fragrances:



    The cuban tobacco provides and earthy rich scent balanced out with the subtle sweetness of the vanilla elluding to a warm and cozy atmosphere


    Frankincense has a very unique scent, those who have heard of this before will know it well. For those who haven't it has a incense smell with pine and lemon notes and when paired with myrrh which brings an earthy scent.



    Clary sage carries a herbal and lavender scent and when mixed with vanilla really shines to provide a subtle floral aroma.