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How We Do


I work best in blocks of 3 monthly bookings 

That means I will book tattoos for a period of 3 months at a time. Once my books are filled for that time, I will hold off from taking on any new work and correspondence is limited while I concentrate on the work at hand


When taking bookings, our subscribers receive first notice via email

Responders will then be scheduled a consult 

The consult is free

Once a tattoo appointment date has been accepted a deposit of $100 is required to secure and confirm the booking 


My tattoos do have a distinct 'flavour' 

Please take some time to look over my designs and consider whether my style matches your tattoo ideas and concept 


There may be a wait between consult and tattoo appointment 

Please be assured that I will work on creating a concept design for you in good time

Design work is on a first in first serve basis and ideally  coincides nicely with your tattoo appointment date